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Have you been collecting and trimming BoxTops all summer? Ready to get rid of them and turn them into cash for our school?  We raised almost $3,000 last year, just by trimming a few BoxTops from our cereal boxes and Kleenex boxes.    There is a contest that will run the entire year for the classroom that turns in the most BoxTops for the year.    The winning class will receive a Pizza Party in their classroom, provided by our PTA and our Cafeteria on the last week of school.     All Boxtops turned in during the year will count towards this classrooms total.   So make sure you label your snack baggies, with your

  1. Childs name
  2. Classroom #
  3. Total number of Boxtops turned in.

This will help us announce winners more  quickly for the individual contests and make sure your classrooms are credited correctly.  3 people last year counted and trimmed almost 30,000 of them and your help would be appreciated.  

We also can use help placing boxes around the community to collect extra BoxTops.   Ideas include, places of business, lunch rooms, churches, etc.   Please contact the PTA c/o  if you can place a box for collection.   Your child and classroom will receive the credit for all received in the box.

There are contests monthly for extra BoxTops for our school.   Simply register on the website and register Rowan as your school, and they will send an occasional email.  They also will let you know when there are bonus BoxTops available in your stores.  You can also Shop online through the website and earn even more eboxtops for our school.  Check out the great stores available online.

You can also earn box tops for Rowan by shopping online!!!  Please check out to see all the online stores that will add to our earnings.  Register online and watch our box top earnings grow!

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